Z Basket on your phone is all you need
to never spend another minute in the cashier line.
Get the Z Basket app:

How it works

Log in with your phone number
Add your bank card
Scan products by barcode
Pay with one click
Have an overview of your purchases


"Is that it?" Liisi
Yes, Liisi, that's it. You tap on the payment button and you have purchased your goods. No waiting in lines.
"Where else can I use the app?" Kaspar
Z Basket can help you shop in different shops. Go ahead and let us know if you can't use Z Basket in your favorite shop yet. Reach out to us here.
"Do I need different accounts for different shops?" Mia
You can use Z Basket in different shops. Have a single app and familiar flow in all the supported shops.
"What if I want to use different accounts for different payments?" Raul
You can add several banking cards in the app and select which one you'd prefer to use for a payment.


German Bidzilja, CEO

Once, I was standing in a cashier line, as usual. A strange thought came to my mind – what if I calculated the time I've spent queuing in my life. The result crushed me: 13 300 minutes*! That's over a month worth of 8-hour work days!

I knew there had to be a better way. "I just want to put ze stuff into ze basket and leave," I thought in my Eastern European accent.

And now it's done – Z Basket app for smarter shopping.

Using Z Basket on your phone for shopping, you never have to spend another minute in queue.

I've been regularly grocery shopping since 15 years old; 16 years in total.
On average – 4 minutes in the line, 4 times a week, 52 weeks a year.
52 × 4 × 4 = 832 minutes per year
832 × 16 = 13 312 min ≈ 221 h ≈ 9.24 week days ≈ 27.7 8-hour work days



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